The Outer Banks or Myrtle Beach: Which is the Better Destination

Are you and your family ready to start planning your next beach vacation? You may be considering the Outer Banks of North Carolina and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, as two options for long sunny days spent in the sand and surf. This informative blog post will give you a comparison of vacationing in the Outer Banks or Myrtle Beach. Discover why each is a great place to visit and why the OBX is a clear choice for those seeking relaxation, rejuvenation, and inexplicable coastal beauty.

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Reasons to Say “Yes” to the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is an iconic vacation destination that has beckoned travelers worldwide for many years. With nearly 200 miles of pristine coastline, our barrier islands offer lazy beach days and much more. Imagine the delight of exploring towering lighthouses and meeting local wild horses as they frolic in the surf. Adventure seekers will love every moment of a deep-sea fishing trip or trying kite-surfing for the first time.

From Corolla to Ocracoke, the OBX features a family-friendly and laid-back atmosphere that you will treasure. Below are a few reasons why we think you should say “YES” to an Outer Banks vacation.

Local History

Teaming with rich nautical, natural, and aviation history, the OBX is a place to immerse yourself in legends and learning. Our history includes the earliest settlers called the Outer Banks home, aviators tested the first flights from the Dunes of Kitty Hawk, and WWII submarines sand off the coast. Here are just a few of the historic points of interest for you to explore:

Tranquil & Laid-Back Atmosphere

The Outer Banks is celebrated for its tranquil and laid-back atmosphere, providing a respite from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. The islands’ unhurried pace, unspoiled beaches, and quaint coastal villages create a serene environment for vacationers. See below for a few things that support this relaxing atmosphere:

  • Fewer crowds
  • Southern hospitality
  • Locally-owned shops
  • Locally-owned restaurants

corolla wild horses on beach

Wildlife & Natural Beauty

Did you know that the OBX is a haven for wildlife? Have you ever experienced the natural beauty of these barrier islands for yourself? From the mesmerizing flights of seabirds to the wild Spanish mustangs roaming the coastal dunes, the Outer Banks offers a unique blend of terrestrial and marine life. Maritime forests, salt marshes, and pristine beaches provide habitats for an array of species. Keep scrolling for a few of our favorite natural gems:


The waters off the Outer Banks coast are called the Graveyard of the Atlantic for a reason. Treacherous shifting shoals have made navigating our coastline a dangerous undertaking for centuries. Lighthouses were built up and down North Carolina’s coast to guide ships to port and to stand as safety beacon for ships. Today, these beautiful structures dot the Outer Banks as iconic landmarks and maritime storytellers while still serving their original purpose. They offer a compelling glimpse into the region’s seafaring past, featuring museums and exhibits that narrate tales of shipwrecks, daring rescues, and the resilience of coastal communities. Which will you visit first?

Easy to Drive

Whether planning a weekend getaway or a more extended vacation, driving to the OBX from major cities in the surrounding region allows you to enjoy the scenic landscapes and embark on a memorable journey. Driving from the Outer Banks from Charlotte, Raleigh, or Wilmington, NC, is easy. Our shores are also easy to access from major U.S. cities, including Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York City, Richmond, and Washington, DC.

OBX Villages

From the historic Nags Head to the serene and wildlife-rich Corolla, each village offers visitors a distinct character and a warm welcome. The maritime heritage of Manteo, the windswept beauty of Rodanthe, and the tranquil seclusion of Ocracoke provide a diverse array of experiences. As you journey through these coastal communities, you’ll discover a rich history, natural wonders, and the laid-back ambiance that defines life on the Outer Banks.

outer banks surfing

Diverse Aquatic Activities

Vacationers on the Outer Banks can immerse themselves in diverse aquatic activities. From stand-up paddleboarding in the Pamlico Sound’s serene waters to surfing the Atlantic’s waves, there’s something for every water enthusiast.

Great Festivals and Events

We invite you to check out the festival and events schedule when visiting the Outer Banks. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to participate in these much-anticipated happenings.

Incredible Vacation Rentals

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Would You Rather Head to Myrtle Beach?

We don’t think there is any contest when choosing between the Outer Banks or Myrtle Beach. However, we want you to decide the right destination for your family.

Myrtle Beach offers many attractions and a plethora of beachfront highrise hotels. During the warmer months, this South Carolina beach town is busy and typically has heavy traffic. Chain restaurants and shopping centers are plentiful, as well as “beach shops” on every corner.

When compared to the Outer Banks, Myrtle Beach does not offer the same depth of history and outdoor recreation. Our neighbors to the south do have wide sandy beaches, perfect for building sand castles and lounging under an umbrella.

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