Paramount Destinations is happy to answer questions from rental guests about their vacation rental property, the reservation, payment, and/or our rental policies. Please call our office between 9:00AM-5:00PM, 7 days a week (866) 753-3045.

Advance Reservation Request
Guests have an opportunity to pre-reserve a future week for any vacation rental property by submitting a completed Advance Reservation Request form. A fee of $50 (plus tax) per rental week is required and this fee is not applied to the rental balance; the fee must be paid by personal check or cash (we cannot accept credit card payment for this fee).

Guests are welcome to contact our office to get an estimate of the current rental rate for the vacation week they are interested in (but this is not a guarantee of pricing) for their future stay. If an Advance Reservation is made, the lease agreement will be sent in early September with the first rental deposit due within 5 days. If a guest does not make payment for the reserved week(s), the reservation will be cancelled.

The Advance Reservation fee will only be refunded if the homeowner wishes to have the same week(s) or if the property is no longer in the Paramount Destinations’ rental program.

Beach Accesses
There are beach accesses along the entire North Carolina coast. Some accesses do not have public parking as they are located within oceanside neighborhoods where only rental guests may walk to those accesses. The condition of both private and public boardwalks leading to the beach and stairs up and over the dunes from the beach access cannot be disturbed if there is sand accumulation due to wind/weather conditions. If you are planning to rent a golf cart or other similar vehicle to reach a beach access, these vehicles are NOT allowed in the communities of Buck Island, Ocean Sands, and Monteray Shores (these neighborhoods are located in Corolla).

Currituck County has a beach parking limit in the 4-Wheel-Drive (4WD) area in northern Corolla (Carova) from April 27 – October 5, 2024. There is a limit of 300 permits sold per week. If your family plans to use this area, please see the county website to order your Beach Parking Permits in advance of your stay. Paramount Destinations does not have any rentals located in this area so cannot provide beach parking permits.

Cancellation Policy
All reservation cancellations must be made in writing by email, fax or letter. If the leaseholder has purchased Travel Insurance and the reason for the cancellation falls within the conditions of the Insurance Policy, please contact that company* directly after notifying Paramount Destinations.

If the leaseholder did not purchase Travel Insurance and still needs to cancel the vacation reservation for any reason, Paramount Destinations will make every effort to re-rent the property, depending on how much advance notice is received in writing by email, fax, or letter of this cancellation. If the property is not re-rented during the entire term, then the entire rent payment made by the rental guest(s) will be forfeited.

If the property is re-rented for the original rate or at a reduced rental rate, then the only refund due to the leaseholder will be based on the final re-rented amount minus the $300 (plus tax) cancellation fee. This refund will be payable within 30 days after the subsequent re-rent payment has cleared our account.

*RedSky Travel Insurance is offered on the Vacation Rental Lease Agreement when it is sent to the leaseholder to be signed. It is highly recommended as travel insurance as it is the only way to protect the vacation investment from most unexpected events.

Damage Protection Plan
The Vacation Rental Agreement will be calculated with a non-refundable $125 Damage Protection Plan (also known as Security Deposit Waiver). This plan covers unintentional damage up to $1500 to the rental unit interior that may occur during the leaseholder’s vacation, provided this damage is disclosed to Paramount Destinations prior to check-out. The leaseholder assumes full responsibility for any damages that exceed $1,500.

Full details of the Damage Protection Plan coverage are contained in the Description of Coverage/Insurance Policy. Certain terms and conditions apply. When the leaseholder submits payment for this plan, it authorizes and requests RedSky Insurance to pay directly to Paramount Destinations any amount payable under the terms and conditions of the Damage Protection Plan. In lieu of the Damage Protection Plan, the leaseholder may pay a $1,000 Security Deposit which is refundable within 30 days after the vacation ends, provided there is no damage to the rental unit interior and furnishings.

Partial Weeks/Short Stays
A few homes will accept partial weeks from early October through early May of the following year. Some owners require a $1000 Security Deposit for any short stay reservation and this fee will be added to the Lease Agreement for the leaseholder to sign. The Security Deposit will be due with the first deposit payment.

Rental property elevators are for convenience-only with a weight limit of 350-lbs and should not be considered as sole transportation for an elderly or disabled person.

Family Groups
Paramount Destinations rents to family groups only and the premises is restricted for use by the leaseholder and related family members such as parents, siblings, grandparents, children and extended family members vacationing at the property. The leaseholder must be in residence at the vacation property for the entire rental period. The minimum age for the leaseholder is 25 years old. The use of the rental property by fraternities, sororities, and unrelated groups is strictly prohibited.

Lost & Found Items
There is a $35 fee to return items (up to 3-lbs) to the guest that were left behind in a rental property. Other shipping charges will apply to return heavier and bulkier items.

NO Trailers or RVs
Trailers (any type) and recreational vehicles (RVs) are NOT ALLOWED and cannot be parked in the driveway at the rental home under any circumstances. If you can park a small trailer inside the home’s garage or within the carport below mid level deck (if available) and out of sight, this may be in agreement with the POA/HOA covenants for that neighborhood. Please refer to Item 19 in the Paramount Destinations Vacation Lease Agreement.

Car parking is limited at many vacation rental home driveways. If you have concerns about the number of spaces available, please contact Paramount Destinations to discuss. On-street parking is not allowed in any neighborhood or community.

Pet-friendly Properties
Dogs are the only pets allowed in rental properties that are advertised as pet-friendly. There is a 2-dog limit although some homes may allow a third dog upon request for an extra fee or security deposit. Also, some properties have a weight limit of less than 50-lbs per dog. No homes or condos are guaranteed to be hypoallergenic.

A guest with a Service Dog must notify Paramount Destinations at the time of booking whenever possible and prior to the check-in date at all times. A guest with a Service Dog will be asked to answer these questions:

1) Is the service animal required because of a disability?
2) What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?

Pools & Hot Tubs (Spas)
Private pools and hot tubs are available at your own risk to the leaseholder and their family group. Children must be supervised at all times in and around pool and hot tub areas; children younger than 14 are not allowed in hot tubs. Dogs are never permitted in the pool, hot tub or pool area. Many homes have outside showers; it is recommended showering off before using the pool and/or hot tub. The pool vendor is under contract with the owner to balance the chemicals during the mid-week service only (either Tuesday or Wednesday). If the pool or hot tub requires additional treatment due to misuse, this service will be charged to the leaseholder.

TV/Cable/Internet Service
Homes and condos will have either cable, satellite or streaming television service (or a combination of these media) and internet service including wireless internet (Wi-Fi). Because these services are provided by a third-party vendor(s), Paramount Destinations cannot guarantee connectivity, service or internet speed. Every effort will be made to troubleshoot and resolve connection problems if they occur. In some instances, a service appointment may be needed for the vendor to correct the problem. No refunds can be made to the leaseholder due to the lack of service.

Weather Event
Occasionally, there may be a storm that could affect your vacation. Travel insurance is the only way to protect your vacation investment if there is a mandatory evacuation* declared for Dare or Currituck Counties, especially during hurricane season (June 1-November 30).

Please call our office (866) 753-3045 if you have concerns or plan to check-out earlier than your departure date and/or the arrival date for your vacation coincides with a weather event. To monitor weather and road conditions, the links below will have the most up-to-date information:

National Hurricane Center

Currituck County (for Corolla)

Dare County (for Duck, Nags Head & Southern Shores)

Town of Duck

Wavy 10 (NBC-affiliate in Virginia Beach, VA)

*If a mandatory evacuation is declared: incoming guests will not be allowed on the Outer Banks and current guests will be asked to leave by each County’s Emergency Services Management.