Discover the Triangle Shipwrecks for Yourself

Some visit the Outer Banks for an opportunity to relax on the beach or take a dip in the water, and then there are those who choose to fully explore the depths of the ocean! For years, the Outer Banks has been a hotspot for diver activity, with plenty of marine life and shipwrecks to discover. If you’re interested in diving or learning more about one of the most popular dive sites, the Triangle Shipwrecks, read on! 

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History of the Triangle Shipwrecks

This popular diving site gets its name from the formation that the two ships involved form when you look from a birds-eye view. The first ship to run ashore at this location in Kill Devil Hill was the Kyzikes, an American tanker that was set to deliver its cargo of crude oil to Spain. On December 1, 1927, the Kyzikes was caught in a storm and the strong winds ran it aground, damaging the ship beyond repair. On September 23, 1929, the Swedish freighter, the Carl Gerhard, was caught in a similar storm and was navigated too close to shore. At the time, the ship’s captain thought they had run into a sand reef, but it turns out that the Carl Gerhard managed to run into the wreckage of the Kyzikes. Despite efforts to service the ship, the freighter remained crashed just offshore. 

How to Visit the Triangle Shipwrecks

The Triangle Shipwrecks has become popular among local and tourist divers because of its easily accessible location just 200 yards off the coast of milepost 7 on Kill Devil Hills. The vessels are still visible from the beach and sit in about 20 feet of water. If you choose to go diving in the Outer Banks, we highly recommend visiting the Triangle Shipwrecks. Not only will you get a chance to visit a diving site with history, but you can also enjoy the marine life that swims around these once bustling vessels. 

Choose a Diving Shop

Because of this pastime’s popularity, there are a variety of diving shops that you can use to prepare for your trip! 

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