Your Ultimate Guide to Outer Banks Horse Tours

No matter your age, there’s something magical about seeing horses roaming in the wild. Imagine the excitement of spotting these majestic mustangs in their natural habitat. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to take an Outer Banks wild horse tour on your next North Carolina vacation. You can expect to have tons of family fun, and to leave the barrier islands with lasting memories from this unforgettable experience. 

Embarking on an Outer Banks wild horse tour often becomes the highlight of everyone’s visit. While this particular adventure may be your favorite, there’s still so much to do and see in Corolla, Duck, and the Southern Shores. Our free Vacation Guide includes thoughtful suggestions for every lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for the area’s freshest seafood dinners or fun water sporting activities, this handy planner points you towards the best OBX has to offer!


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Your Guide to Outer Banks Wild Horse Tours 

Wild Spanish Colonial Mustangs & Their Local History 

A wild horse on the beach on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Historians can trace the colonial Spanish mustangs’ presence back 500 years. This makes them the earliest settlers of the Outer Banks, second only to the region’s Native American tribes. Many theories exist about why the horses dwell on North Carolina’s barrier islands. Some say they appeared after escaping a shipwreck off the coast. Others conclude that they remain as remnants of early colonial settlers’ livestock. 

The proposed theories lack enough evidence to make a solid judgment on the origin of the horses. How they arrived remains a mystery. The elusive ancestry of Corolla’s wild horses continues to draw curious visitors to the Outer Banks to learn more about them. The herd currently consists of 100 beautiful stallions and mares that free-roam the sandy dunes. 

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What to Expect on an Outer Banks Wild Horse Tour 

The guided Corolla horse tours allow for family fun with a little dash of local history sprinkled throughout. Equestrian experts guide you through the area in a four-wheel drive area and point out the daily routine of our local horses. The knowledgeable tour guides lead you miles off-road and teach you about the challenges the horses face in their environment and what you can do through the Corolla Wild Horse Fund to help. 

It’s important to keep in mind that you must remain 50 feet away from the wild Spanish mustangs at all times. Admire their beauty from a distance that allows for both your safety and the horses’ safety. Their mystique captivates anyone who gets the chance to see them in the wild. Expect phenomenal photo opportunities and the experience of a lifetime! 

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The Outer Banks wild horse tours attract nature lovers, curious history buffs, and other travelers from all over. Few places in the world offer the opportunity to encounter these stunning creatures. With so many fun outdoor adventures, water sports, and relaxing activities, you and your family will find no shortage of things to do. Make a Paramount Destinations vacation rental your home-base. Choose from one of the best Outer Banks rentals in Corolla and stay near the majestic mustangs that drew you here in the first place! Everyone will appreciate the guest perkstop-notch amenities, and spacious accommodations. 

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