Climb Your Way to the Top at the Corolla Adventure Park

corolla adventure park view from below. access our vacation guide.If you need a break from the beach, spend an afternoon of family fun at the Corolla Adventure Park. Challenge your endurance. Test your strength. Push the limits of gravity as you ascend to the top of one of the biggest aerial adventure parks in North Carolina. With varying levels of difficulty, everyone can make their through the ropes course and zip line back down at their leisure. Climb, balance, jump, and swing your way to the top! Look out from above the treetops and admire the beauty of the Outer Banks region. Take in the views of the ocean, the Currituck Sound, and the Currituck lighthouse. There’s so much to see and do in the Outer Banks! Check out the adventurous suggestions provided by local experts in our vacation guide!

What to Expect at the Corolla Adventure Park

The Experience

Climbing through this Corolla ropes course is one of the most thrilling outdoor adventure opportunities in the Outer Banks. All skill levels are welcome to test their strength in the park! Designed for ages 4 and up, it’s the perfect plan for a family outing. The park features 11 obstacle circuits that sit high in the air starting at 12 feet above the ground all the way up to 50-feet high. Balance your way through 66 different obstacles and fly down 8 zip lines. As one of the only zip line opportunities in the Outer Banks, it’s an enticing adventure the whole family will love!

Strap into safety gear and begin ascending the rope ranks! Pull yourself across bottomless bridges, spider your way through webs, and surf through the air on a board held up by rope! Once you’ve made your way through the course, grab a sweet ice cream treat or a cold beer to celebrate your success. For more insight on what to expect, watch this video!

Park Pricing

The park strongly recommends booking reservations in advance, especially during the busy months between June and August. For children ages, 4-9, purchase the bottom level ticket for $39. For a full access ticket, the price is $58. The ticket includes all the safety equipment needed to enjoy your climb! The tickets last for two hours. You can even look into a one-week pass or a season pass if you’re planning to be in town for a while.

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