7 Day Itinerary to OBX: Your Guide to a Week Vacation

There’s a lot that you can do in the Outer Banks in a week’s time! So much so that it might even be overwhelming to decide how you are going to fit all the fun of OBX in that time. Between the pristine beaches, rich local history, outdoor recreation, and delicious restaurants, you’re going to need the help of local experts to chisel down the endless activities into a must-do 7 day itinerary to OBX! Check out our itinerary below and get ready for an unforgettable week away! 

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7 Day Itinerary to OBX

Day 1

Take it easy on your first day on OBX! After you’ve arrived, settled into your home, and stocked up on everything you need for vacation, head out to one of the local golf courses for a few rounds before grabbing dinner and calling it a night! 

Day 2

On your first full day, take an excursion out to one of the main attractions on the Outer Banks, Ocracoke Island! One you’re there, you can experience some scenic views of North Carolina’s coast from a ferry, bike ride, or any of the other many viewpoints on the island. When you get hungry, you’ll be able to explore the many delicious dining experiences before heading back to your vacation home. 

Day 3

One of the staple images of the Outer Banks are the horses that roam our shores! Once you get yourself out of bed with a nice cup of coffee, head out to the beach for a horse tour! Local experts of our equestrian neighbors will accompany you on an off-road tour to see the daily routines of the of the wild mustangs. 

Day 4

To break up the routine of your 7 day itinerary to OBX, spend day 4 exploring the rich history of the Outer Banks! There’s no end of museums or historical sites on our shores, and you can take the time to learn exactly why the Outer Banks has become one of the most well-known areas on the east coast. One of our favorite sites to spend time at is the Wright Brother’s National Memorial!

Day 5

For many people, one of the most interesting parts of visiting a new place is getting to experience the culinary life that locals get every day! As important as it is to carve out time for great food throughout your trip, why not dedicate a day to exploring the local breweries that create the best beers around! 

Day 6

You’ve been around the island for a while now and have gotten a chance to see a lot of the natural beauty that the Outer Banks have to offer through golfing, horse tours, and Ocracoke Island! There’s still more beyond these great activities for you to enjoy outdoors! If you choose a warmer season to visit, there are even a handful of adrenaline-inducing water sports for you to try. 

Day 7

Finally, wrap up your last day in a way that lets you head home fully relaxed! As you check out of your vacation rental home, drop by one of the many local spas to enjoy massages and other treatments that will send you on your way feeling fresh and rejuvenated. 

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