Fun Educational Option on the OBX for Your Children

The Outer Banks of North Carolina are teeming with a rich variety of learning opportunities for children and adults. From homeschoolers to children on summer vacation, we are sure there are fun educational options on the OBX for you! Keep reading to learn more and start building your unique Outer Banks itinerary.

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Fun Educational Options on OBX Are Waiting for Your Children!

The Lost Colony Outdoor Drama

Step back in time to pre-colonized North Carolina and take an adventure with the Roanoke Island Colony. Can you solve the 400-year-old mystery of why this colony vanished? The Lost Colony is an outdoor drama (running for 86 years) that tells the tale of this fateful group of pioneers.

two boys looking through telescopeStargazing: Observe the Night Sky

Exploring the night sky on the Outer Banks is like embarking on a cosmic odyssey. Stars, planets, and celestial wonders come to life. Your child will be mesmerized as they navigate through the night sky and unveil the secrets of the heavens. The Outer Banks is an excellent place for stargazing due to low light pollution. The night sky can be observed with the naked eye, binoculars, or a telescope.

Outer Banks State Parks

Whether your family likes educational opportunities such as hiking, biking, fishing, or simply taking in the natural beauty of the Outer Banks, there’s an NC State Park for you! Jockey Ridge State Park, Dismal Swamp State Park, and Pettigrew State Park are three parks that are easy to explore while visiting the OBX.

wild horse on beach, outer banks, ncWild Horse Tour

Seeing wild horses in their natural habitat is an epic experience. The wild horses of Corolla are one of several herds that roam freely along the coast of North Carolina. When you take an Outer Banks wild horse tour, you can see these magnificent Spanish Mustangs firsthand. This fun educational option on OBX is a once-in-a-lifetime!

Elizabethan Gardens

The Elizabethan Gardens is one educational outdoor attraction you should add to your itinerary. This charming destination is perfect for the whole family as you’ll find beauty, history, and fun events throughout the gardens. It is a great time to stop and smell the roses and learn a little about local flora.

cape hatteras lighthouseOuter Banks Lighthouses

Six lighthouses can be explored on the OBX and are all an easy day trip from your vacation rental. Used to guide mariners through the last two centuries, there is so much to learn about these giants guardians of the coast. Climb flights of stairs in a black and white, candy-cane-striped beacon or a red-brick tower. Then, learn about the history and significance of these structures through park rangers or self-guided tours.

Wright Brothers Memorial

Your trip to the Outer Banks won’t be complete without a visit to the Wright Brothers Memorial. This towering granite monument stands tall to honor the Wright Brothers as the first pioneers of aviation. Your children can learn about Wilbur and Orville Wright, their first flying machines, the great dunes from which they soared, and the amazing locals who helped them.


While this is not a complete list of the fun educational options on the OBX, it will give you a great start. Moments of learning and exploring are around every corner, beyond every dune, and at the break of each wave. And the best part is that they won’t even know it’s “educational” unless you tell them! Which of our learning opportunities will you and your children enjoy first?

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