A Half Dozen Reasons You Need to Indulge at Duck Donuts in Duck, NC

You can’t leave the Outer Banks without indulging in a sweet treat at Duck Donuts in Duck, NC! You may have tried these iconic pastries at one of their numerous locations around the country, but you need to visit Duck, where it all started. Before you decide if Duck Donuts is all it’s quacked up to be, take a look at our complimentary Vacation Guide. It’s full of amazing activities, attractions, and restaurants in Duck, Corolla, and Southern Shores so you and your family can have the best Outer Banks vacation.

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Duck Donuts in Duck, NC

As you open the door to this magical donut shop, an incredibly sweet aroma will strike you. At that moment, you’ll realize you’re on vacation, so your diet is completely out the door. 

1. The Story Begins in Duck

The story of the successful donut franchise all started right here on the Outer Banks, where Russell Digilio and his family visited numerous times for vacations. Digilio fell in love with the charming, family town and realized all the town needed was a little sweetness. He then formed a team to brainstorm ideas. One donut recipe idea led to another and Duck Donuts opened in 2007. People loved the sweet phenomenon so much that it has spread across the country and now has around 200 locations!

2. These Aren’t Your Ordinary Donuts

You’ve never tasted a donut like these! No matter how you choose to customize, each creation starts with a vanilla cake donut. The unique, cake-like dough sets them apart from other donut chains.

3. You Can Watch The Magic Happen

Watching your made-to-order donut make its way to perfection is all part of the Duck Donuts experience. A donut connoisseur will freshly prepare your warm, cake donut as you order. It then goes on a sugary journey to the pickup counter. Along the way, you’ll choose from a variety of coatings including cinnamon sugar, blueberry icing, maple icing, and more! Next, dress it with toppings like bacon, coconut, or Oreos. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, drizzle it with hot fudge, marshmallow, or other syrups of your choice.

4. Bacon Donuts Are a Thing

If you ask around, many will recommend the maple icing with chopped bacon donut. It’s perfect for the adventurous foodies who like to venture into the sweet and savory trends. If bacon makes everything better, it’s worth a try!

5. You Can Try an OBX Breakfast Sandwich

What better place to try the OBX breakfast sandwich than on the Outer Banks? This is another excellent choice for sweet and savory lovers. This creative masterpiece is a delicious sliced donut, complete with your choice of egg, cheese, sausage, or bacon, with a drizzle of glaze or bacon on top! If you’re feeling risky, you can heat it up with hot sauce!

6. You Can Indulge in a Donut Sundae

At this point, your donut is no longer a morning pick-me-up. This is a full-on dessert that combines a warm donut with a refreshing scoop of ice cream. Pick from the classic donut sundae, salted caramel donut sundae, or s’mores donut sundae. It doesn’t get any better than a donut sundae!

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