The Ultimate Outer Banks Scavenger Hunt

If you are headed to the OBX for your vacation, this ultimate Outer Banks Scavenger Hunt is for you! This activity is perfect for children and adults of all ages and is a great companion for your beachtime fun.

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Just follow the instructions below for a simple way to engage with your family or travel buddy during your getaway. From finding coastal feathered friends to spying a surfboard, everyone will love this game.

How to Enjoy Our OBX Scavenger Hunt

Step One: Print out the Ultimate Scavenger Hunt PDF. Print as many copies as you need for your family or travel group.

Step Two: Decide how you will play. You can use the list to do a photo scavenger hunt. In this game, you will have to take a picture of each of your found items and present them at the end. Another way to play is simply as a checklist.

Step Three: Determine how long the game will continue. Will you play for the entire week of vacation or just for one day?

Step Four: Will there be a prize(s) for the winner(s) of the scavenger hunt? Prizes could be as simple as a candy bar or as fun as a pizza party for everyone to share.

Additional Educational Resources

Here are some helpful resources if you are a homeschool family or simply want to keep your children engaged during summer vacation. We have informative blogs covering everything from our towering lighthouses to our wonderful wildlife.

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