Outer Banks Distilling: Unlock a Taste of History

What’s a trip to the OBX without trying some Kill Devil Rum? If you’re looking to enjoy Caribbean-inspired rum like the pirates of the Banks once did, look no further than Outer Banks Distilling in downtown Manteo. It’s the first legal distillery on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. There, you can try their award-winning white, gold, silver, and pecan rums. While you’re there, take a tour of the distillery and learn how Kill Devil Rum inspired the naming of OBX towns, Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head!

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What to Do at Outer Banks Distilling in Manteo

Take a Tour of the Distillery

Reserve your tour time between Tuesday and Saturday for an in-depth walk through the history-filled rum distillery. You can call (252) 423-3011 to make a reservation.

What to Know Before Booking a Tour

Outer Banks Distilling offers tours to anyone over 21 years old for $10. Just make sure to dress appropriately for the heat during the summer months. The tasting room has air conditioning, but the distillery floor does not.

Unique Rums to Try

Flagship Rums

The distillery’s flagship rums are available year-round, and you can choose from their Kill Devil Silver Rum, Kill Devil Pecan Rum, or Kill Devil Gold Rum.

Shipwreck Series

For a variety of molasses, sugars, and barrels, explore the distillery’s Shipwreck Series. These small-batch rums are limited edition, so check to see if they offer them during your visit!

Solspice Series

If you visit during the summer and winter solstices, you have to try their unique Solspice Series. These two rums offer flavors of seasonal herbs and spices to compliment fig, cinnamon, and orange blossom honey ingredients.

Angels’ Share Rum

Angels’ Share Rum is a unique small-batch rum that honors those who once served at Outer Banks life-saving stations. All of its proceeds go back to the community!

Was Kill Devil Hills Named After Rum?

During your tour of the distillery, you’ll learn the history of Kill Devil Hills and how it got its name, according to a legend. Stories say that rum originated in the Caribbean, where it was referred to as “kill-devil.” 

During the shipwrecks of The Graveyard of the Atlantic, barrels of rum tumbled into the waters. They then washed up to the shores of what is now Kill Devil Hills.

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